Our Services

At our attorneys corporation, all legal consultations are free. In addition, installment payment of attorneys’ fees (debts etc.) on debt issues is also possible. 
Please do not hesitate to consult us. 

※ Court fee (stamp fee, postal fee etc.), actual expenses can not be divided
 ■ About handling of legal consultation We do not offer legal consultation by telephone or e-mail other than adviser. In mail (only letters) or telephone (voice only), information transmission to each other becomes insufficient, so both sides are likely to have selfish thoughts and misunderstandings. As a result, we can not get back if we make a mistake in dealing with legal problems. On the other hand, being actually seeing and talking on legal counseling will result in a lot of information and trusted relationship with each other beyond mere words and expressions problems, and a more fruitful solution You can choose. For those reasons, if you are interested in legal counseling, please come to our office. ※ Telephone reservation required

Legal Documents

■ Contract Preparation 

· Typical Contract 

· Atypical Special Contract 

· In-kind Investment Evaluation Certificate

■ Contents Certification Cost 

· Formal Notice

· Atypical notice 

■ Criminal charges · Accusation 

· Letter of complaint, indictment creation fee

· Negotiation with the investigation authorities