1, lawyers are not in a fair neutral position. 
I think that it is the lawyer’s duty to protect the client’s interests. 

2, The client is seeking early resolution of conflict. 
Therefore, emphasis is placed on prompt and sincere incident handling. 

3, We will strive to reform our business on a daily basis in order to respond to the needs of our customers maximally. 
Also, the voice of the client improves our lawyer’s work.

Goals and issues of our Legal Professional Corporation

1, aims to specialization of legal services, legal Sir meet maximum customer needs 
we aim to provide the service. 

2, securing a diversity of human resources such as tax accountants, judicial scrivener, and labor staff, 
and proactively promoting one stop service. 

We will prepare for the attorney to participate actively in various public benefit activities by enlarging and strengthening business base . 

4. We will be 
able to produce commissionable officials to judges, public talent to public offices, and others . 

5, by carrying out the positive business development in the lawyer rural areas, versus a lawyer of citizens 
will endeavor to remove the access disorders.

  Office Overview


Name of law firm Lawyer Corporate Avance Inc. Tokyo Office
location YKB Ensign Building 7F 4-28-4 Yotsuya Ward, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004
contact information TEL 03-4577-0701 FAX 03-5919-2450 
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Business contents Lawyer work in general 
* Legal support mainly for citizens and small and medium enterprises
Representative Lawyers Hiroyuki Kanzaki (Hiroyuki Kanesaki)
Affiliated bar association Tokyo Bar Association
Partner Japan General Management Co., Ltd.